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Is your teenager facing the roar of exams? Don’t navigate the jungle alone! Tigermum is here to be your guide. We’re a supportive community of parents, sharing practical tips, resources, and a healthy dose of humor to help you raise a confident and successful teenager. Explore our articles, join the forum discussions, and let’s navigate this journey together. Remember, mama (or papa) tiger, you’ve got this!

Exam Preparation

Dive into our exam preparation category, packed with practical strategies, effective study techniques, and expert advice. Conquer exam anxiety, tackle tricky topics, and create a winning revision plan – all with the support of our vibrant community.

Health and Wellbeing

Fostering healthy minds and bodies for exam success. Explore tips on stress management, sleep hygiene, and building resilience to help your teen thrive.

Using YouTube for Revision

School Engagement

Bridge the gap! Find tips for positive school communication, boosting motivation, and fostering a strong home-school partnership.


Future Planning

Beyond the exams! Explore resources to help your teen chart their future course, from career exploration to college and university preparation.

time management

Technology and Learning Tools

Tech-powered learning! Discover the best apps, online tools, and digital resources to supercharge your teen’s revision.